Tuesday, January 27, 2009

English Camp booklet 1997

At the school where Seth taught English in Japan, every year the best English students participated in a weeklong English camp. They called it CHESS, which stands for Camp for High School English Students of Shimane. (Shimane is a state or province of Japan). When Seth was there he was largely in charge of the themes of the camps, and of course he did the artwork in the booklets that everyone received.

1997 was the second of the three years that Seth participated. In 1996 the theme was space travel. The theme of 1998 was the characters whose faces you see on this website in their second life as the Flowering Nose crew: Wendy Valentine, Magic Egg Girl, the Link, Colonel Corn, etc.

I have posted most of these humanimals from CHESS already, in their other incarnations as the denizens of the Lllama Land electronic preserve, but I'll show two more pages from this booklet. I'm pretty sure Seth's humor did what it was supposed to do--to shock kids out of their shyness and make them want to participate, even if they were embarrassed. Seth was a different sort of teacher from their usual serious and work-oriented professors. He did magic tricks, and sometimes wore a wig. He made his students do embarrassing things, and then laughed at them, but it was OK, because he allowed himself to be foolish also.

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j_ay said...

Nice to know some of the origins to the Flowering Nose crew.