Saturday, December 13, 2008

More computer woes

The poor computer is just so tired and confused. It has been losing things and then finding other things that I thought were gone. It has been not wanting to turn on at all. Finally now it has just dug its plastic heels in and is refusing to go another step. So my husband took it to the fix-it guys to see if they can do anything to make it keep on going. It is going to be another couple of days before they can get to it, and all my pictures are stored on it. So I have nothing to post here except just talk.
We just put up a Christmas tree today. Tofu is four and a half. He opened all the boxes, including ones that have not been opened in years. He got out every odd ornament, all the little paper houses and felt angels that I got for Seth when he was that age, and put them all carefully in the places that he thought were just right. He found all the old ornaments that I couldn't bear to throw away but didn't really want to use either, and exclaimed at how wonderful they all were. It made me remember why I used to love Christmas.


j_ay said...

Santa *really* needs to bring you a back-up hard drive, you reallllly don’t want to lose everything you have if/when your poor computer fires its last chip.

Vicki said...

Yeah, you are right, and I treat the computer like I do the car; I drive it and that's all. Fortunately, my husband backs things up. I think we actually do have an extra hard drive with the important files in it.