Monday, December 8, 2008

ESL teaching book

Seth's father recently took one of the prototype English teaching books that Seth had put together and had it bound in a spiral binding, as you can see. It looks quite nice, and the English lessons in it are ones that he actually used with some success in his classes. When I go through the lessons, the sense of humor and the rhythm of the lessons are so very Seth that the book brings him back quite large.
We have a few copies of this book, but more can be made. So if anyone is interested, they are for sale for $12 each.
They are really meant for the teaching of English in Japan. Some of the lessons are tailored to the kinds of problems teachers face there that they might not have in other places: shyness and reticence to speak on the part of students, for example, more than bad behavior.
Other lessons are just fun. One of the delights is a murder mystery in which the students are given a drawing of the crime scene, a list of the suspects, and some information about each suspect. They are to work together to figure out who did the deed.


j_ay said...

I'll certainly take one!

Have you set up a PayPal account for easy money exchanges on the internet? (it's all the rage)

Vicki said...

I do have a paypal account. Two in fact. I'll email you.

Unknown said...


I'd love to buy a couple of these also.

Jon Gardner

Vicki said...

OK, I'll email you.

Unknown said...

I'm wicked interested in acquiring a copy of this.

Unknown said...

perhaps I should leave an email