Saturday, November 1, 2008

Literal and Graphic, part two

These two pages are not really comparable, except insofar as they are both pages where something quite dramatic is taking place. But it is interesting to see side by side the difference between Seth's more literal work in Willworld, and his more graphic work in Big in Japan.
In both pages the main person has body decoration. Dr Yamane's decoration is entirely graphically portrayed, as even circles on his bare skin, though if we were to see a photograph of someone with such things, the circles would vary considerably with the contours of his body. In fact, I would presume to say that if Seth had drawn a person in Willworld with circles painted on his body, we would see his body contours clearly through the undulations of the circles.
The warrior in Willworld an ancient Chinese sort of armor, which is also a kind of decoration for his body. Here each of the rows of bamboo, if that's what it is made of, is intricately drawn and the rivets are all in place.

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