Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Willworld pages 52-53

Seth found ways to portray in his very clear and readable images ideas that are intangible, subconscious: the substance of dreams. The convoluted processes of the human spirit were unfailingly vital to him. He sought images that would give them a face. Interestingly, even though Seth was not especially interested in superheroes, the props they used for their particular schtick could also serve the purpose of being symbols for the metaphysical ideas that he wanted most to convey.
Ironically, or maybe straightforwardly, it was probably Seth's struggles with dyslexia in his youth that gave him an interest in finding visuals for these ideas.
Hal has died here, and he is enjoying the quiet and darkness, not having to struggle any more. But there is still more to be accomplished, to be understood. The bubbles billowing up in eternity signs, the rings floating about that are Hal's ring, the thing that gives him power that he doesn't understand. It is his ring, but he is in the ring. Who is he? Where is he? What is the work in the universe that he alone can accomplish?
These questions were all ones that lay beneath every move that Seth made, whether in art, in writing, in traveling, in recreation. Everything in life is spiritual, and to do anything carelessly or mindlessly is to miss out on the essence of that thing for your life. He lived that way.

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