Thursday, August 28, 2008

Willworld page 60

I probably should go through Willworld in order, but I was casting around for something to post quickly and I saw this very dramatic page.
What makes Willworld interesting, and a huge challenge for the artist, is that so many of the ideas and happenings in the story are so ethereal, so metaphysical. The artist has to come up with images that show what is happening, when what is happening is largely within different areas of the hero's psyche. So here, where the voices are warning Hal that he should not have tried to look beneath the mask of reality, what possible images could be used? Horrifying, frightening images certainly, because it is supposed to be a fearful experience, but the fears are vague and sort of nameless. Without color, too: someone else was doing the color. Seth's answer has undersea creatures (always a potential source of fear, coming out of the dark where they could be nearby and you wouldn't necessarily notice them), and besides, Seth always liked the denizens of the deep, plus angry faces with large toothy mouths.
I would challenge readers of this blog to close your eyes and try to imagine what YOU might see when you heard angry voices saying to you, "I warned you not to look beneath the mask of reality!"

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