Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nimbus booklet

We took down the show at the library yesterday. It was SO successful, more than I would have thought. Many people who had not picked up a comic book in 40 years went through it carefully reading all the commentary and understanding a little more about illustration in general and comic book illustration in particular than they had before. Teenagers who mostly thought the library only exhibited old people's stuff looked at it and maybe someone was inspired by Seth to put time and effort into art. Several people asked me if the show was going to travel. Well, now that you mention it, why not? I am thinking...

So I am regrouping now, and looking for something to post that I haven't posted before. This is the cover of a little booklet that Seth put together for Comic Con 2004. I have talked about his ideas for Nimbus before, and maybe posted some of his drawings for it. It was the one idea that he worked on over the years and kept adding to. The story is about a time when the earth has become nearly uninhabitable, I think, so people live in elaborate airships. Seth said someplace that he had enough material for a lot of episodes--I think he may have been thinking about a TV show, but he was willing to do it as a comic book too. I know he wrote a long proposal to DC about it, but I have no idea what they thought. This particular booklet was put together for or with someone who was doing TV or movie work, so here he was looking for it to be done onscreen.

This drawing--without the title, and the woman nearly full length--was actually done much earlier. It was printed in ARTIST'S AND GRAPHIC DESIGNER'S MARKET IN 2001 (pages 55-56). They did a nice story about Seth and used this image as an example of his work.

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j_ay said...

I’m VERY pleased to hear the show went well!!

Gorgeous Nimbus drawing, and now house as my desktop ‘wallpaper’.

So many potential projects...