Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happydale mini page 5

The next page shows our stranger (who may or may not be the talent broker his card declares him to be) going out behind the convenience store to use the urinal. The middle small horizontal panel, showing only the threshold of the bathroom with the cigarette butt, is the sort of thing he liked to do when he was learning, but rarely used later on. It may just be that in stories written by someone else, he did not have the leisure to take page space to show such a small detail. Or it may be that he thought better of using his space that way.
An interesting part of this page is the size of the leaves on the bushes that are being trimmed by the alien. The bushes are seen in four separate panels, each from a different distance away. The leaves are quite a lot smaller where the bushes are farther away, and larger where the bushes are closer, and inbetween in the other panels. It's a small, maybe obvious, point, but it takes care and precision to draw them that way, especially as leaves are quite a nuisance to draw, and only a peripheral part of the story.

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