Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 4 page 2

Mole Man shows up in the first frame flying some sort of elegant winged machine, and the Fantastic Four zoom by in their jet-propelled vehicle in the second frame. The view in the first frame is from above, where we can see the shape of Mole Man’s wings, the curved horizon. The Apocalypse Beast is on the horizon, its size indicated by the fact that it is visible even at the curvature of the earth.
This whole page has a sense of zooming and swooping and strange things showing up. What is the frog creature that is climbing up the rocks in the bottom frame? The horizons in all three frames are tilted, each one at a slightly different angle, as if Everything were askew. (But the clouds are beautiful.)
The people (creatures) involved are shown in insets, from the Apocalypse beast at the top (in cartoon mode), to the three out of four of the Fantastics in squares, to Mole Man in the bottom frame. Mole Man has a very distinctive face and is wearing snow glasses, with slits to keep the snow’s glare from blinding him. This sort of realistic detail was something that Seth always was careful to do.

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