Friday, April 4, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 2 page 10

This charming splash page is Droom's dream, or maybe a flashback to something in his memory, about his friendship with Iron Man. In the dream, or memory, he seems to be seeing Iron Man--a cartoon monster's cartoony image of Iron Man--coming to his island, trying to communicate with him in signs, helping him to rid his island of other nasty creatures, and in general showing his friendship. I don't know what was in the script that Seth was given. This sequence, this combination of sweet friendship and goofy monsters, seems to me so Seth-ish, that I think it must have been his own idea. I love the image at the end of it, lower right, where a large Iron Man and a small Droom are standing with arms around each other, and Droom is clearly gawky with heartfelt warmth toward his new friend.

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j_ay said...

In this day and age of “director’s cut” issues (I loathe when comics are given the labels of movies and television) and trade paperback printings, from time to time these ‘bonus features’ include a copy of the script.
Your speculation opens up, even more, my wondering how Seth approached a script, and how some of his collaborations worked.