Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mr Freeze: SNOW #196 page 12

The sketchbook is from 2001, when Seth was first planning out the look of the characters in the Batman book. (You can see in the upper left where Seth wrote his name and 2001.) Here are a couple of ideas for Mr Freeze's costume, plus some other images that he thought he might like to throw in somewhere in the story. The color comic book page shows how his suit came out in the published story--a little less alien than in his first thoughts, but still with plenty of bumps and quilting.


j_ay said...

I looooooooove seeing these sketches. A closer peek into the wonderful mind of Seth.
(I tried using that particular sketchbook once but the wire binding eventual got too beat up.)

Vicki, if you still have some of the Batman/Tokyo sketchbooks available, now would be a great time to mention them (nice to see the Bob advertisement on the right) as some of your readers may not have known about that.

Vicki said...

OK, good point Jay. I'll post a notice about them on the right.