Saturday, February 2, 2008

Vertigo Pop Tokyo 1 page 23

Another page from Tokyo. We have one very detailed frame of backstage at the arena where the rock concert is going on, with Steve and Maki less prominent than the boxes, trunks, and the structure of the stage. The next panel, of Steve videotaping Maki, sets us up for the six following ones, which are frames from the video which he is still shooting. So Seth shows rather than tells what is happening on a few different levels.
I have mentioned several of Seth's tips a few times, and others I have not shown examples of at all, because they are less precisely linkable to a particular image. Tip 26 says just one word: Variety.
Variety just for its own sake makes the story visually interesting, but the comic book artist's goal is to tell a story as clearly as possibly. So for an artist variety comes from finding the very best way to show what is happening on as many different levels as possible. On this page the use of the video frames both makes this page look different from other pages, it shows us what Steve does, and shows us this funny brother-sister team of Maki and Ryuji from the point of view of someone (Steve) who has no idea what is going on.

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