Thursday, February 14, 2008


This funny and horrifying image is the first one I looked for when we were going through Seth's work after he died. When we opened his hard drive and there it was, I was so glad!
The combination of humor and awfulness is so uniquely Seth that to lose this seemed like one more harsh reality. I remember gazing at the original and looking for some way out for the guy sitting on the trestle, but all his paths to being saved are closed. It is definitely his last moment. Even the sun has it in for him. I especially love the evil slug who takes up one whole flatcar on the train.
Somewhere in Seth's files this is saved with the title Authority Poster. Does anyone know, was this image done for a comic book? I always thought it was something he did just for his own amusement, but it may have been a commission-- ?


Gareth said...

Fantastic piece indeed! "The Authority" is a series that a number of artists have worked on, and the figure in the bubble at the bottom looks a little like the Doctor character (and quite a lot like a commission of that character that someone on CAF owns). The Doctor is a mystical/shaman type figure, so I think the image probably represents the Buddhist scenario of the man who faces danger from all side, and can finally appreciate "now" (you know the one, Vicki - I think we've talked about it). As for whether it was published, I can't say - does anyone else know?

Vicki said...

Oh, thank you Gareth. I didn't have any idea that this was a sort of serious statement about facing ones own fate with equanimity.
I know that someone said that Seth had a piece published in Absolute Authority volume 2. I have never seen it in print. I presume this is it.

j_ay said...

I have in my notes that there was indeed something by Seth in this Absolute Authority volume 2 but I have yet to see a copy (part of the trouble of living in a place where English (and therefore English comics) isn’t the priority. If I get up to London next month I’ll hunt this down.

I love this piece though (and now have it on my desktop background)!