Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Computer problems! I know that people get used to reading something new every day, and then you slow down, and they are unhappy. So if you are unhappy with the paucity of my posts lately, I apologize.
But our poor old PC was at the shop for three days last week, and now it is there again. The techies there have seen it all fortunately. I am thankful that they don't say, "You WHAT?" when I tell them what I was doing when the computer froze up and refused to move. Like good doctors, they just say, "Mm, hm. Mm, hm," and look as though they know exactly what happened and what to do about it. It gives you a sense of peace and calm.
So I hope to have it back tomorrow or the next day.
I also have some new artwork of Seth's to put up--well, not new exactly, but stuff I didn't have before. Little by little, you'll see.


j_ay said...

Good luck and remember to back-up (on a separate hard drive or discs) the important stuff!

Looking forward to the new posts.

Vicki said...

Good advice. I haven't been doing that, but fortunately my husband is much better at those housekeeping details, and he does occasionally back things up.
But he told me today that the folks at the computer repair place said that EVERYTHING was gone.
I spent an hour trying to figure out what was absolutely unreclaimable, and then got a call from the tech guy who said that he had our old hard drive (It's a long story) and that in fact all the information is intact. He just has to put it onto a new one. Sigh of relief. Yes, I will surely do as you say, and back things up better now.

j_ay said...

More and more these things (computers) aren't built to last...good luck!