Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Batman SNOW 193 page 14

This is one of my favorite pages from this story. Each of the panels features a different member of Batman's chosen crew. In the top panel with/without the butterflies and bats, the featured person is Amy Ross with her gentle personality and love of hats and other decorative objects. They replaced the bats and butterflies with something quite mundane: word panels, four of them, where two would have been plenty to tell the story. Editors do a much more pedestrian job at art than artists do.
What I like about this page is that each person is shown in a setting that shows what they in particular can do for this project of Batman's--different kinds of images and different horizon lines for different characters. I especially like the view of Luis Diaz shot from above the power pole, where he is perched along with a mass of cables and equipment, and a couple of curious birds.


bgudna said...

wow! it´s a crime the way they butchered Seth´s pages :(

Gareth said...

It looks like one of the butterflies survived - perhaps it was too tricky to edit that one in photoshop! Even the bat is gone (though they seem to have kept the bats on other pages). This situation reminds me of the story behind the Terry Gilliam film, "The Brothers Grimm": basically, he was hired because of his wacky, off-the-wall brilliance, and then kept on a short leash. Why?! If you don't want imagination and the odd bit of wackiness/left-field thingking, then don't ask that person to do it! Grrr.

Vicki said...

You're right; one of the butterflies survived! I didn't notice that one. You are probably right about it being harder to edit out than the others. For the person who does notice, it makes it odder--what is that butterfly doing there in her hair?

They didn't keep ALL Seth's bats--some of them were too cartoony and goofy for a serious superhero ;-)