Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Willworld page 52

We are still thinking about using the space between the panels to control the passage of Time. In Willworld, Time is going backwards and forward and inside out, so Seth pulls out of his imagination all different ways to show the strangeness and uncontrollability of the passage of time. On this page, Hal is sinking into--is it water, is it a dreamstate, or a hallucination, or is it something else entirely? Each of the three panels on this page is inside the wierd watery atmosphere, in its own separate box, but the boxes are being eaten away from the top by the inexplicable, which is threatening to consume and drown all that is familiar in its bubbles.

All that I wrote above is shown entirely by the shape of the panels and their relationship to one another. There are words in the characters' mouths, but the backbone of the story on this page is not what is said, but how it all flows visually.

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