Sunday, January 13, 2008

Batman SNOW 193 page 10

Tip 24: Showing depth in the faces with lips and eyebrows
Tip 16: Use the brow to show expression without losing character recognition

Character recognition is not really an issue on this page, where each of the characters has a very characteristic hairstyle, clothing style, and/or body shape. But Seth has given each of them rather complex facial expressions, using lines only--no shading. It is difficult to draw a variety of facial expressions on a young person in pen and ink without making him or her look as though they have age lines. His use of the forehead gives the faces expression without lining their faces like old people.
On this page where we don't have the word balloons it is still easy to see the variety of troubled looks in each of the characters. Brows, lips, and foreheads, along with body language, tell the story. Even Batman, despite his mask, shows the worry on his forehead. In the top left panel, truncated though it is, we see distinctly Batman's concern.

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j_ay said...

It’s absolutely amazing what *one* small line can do. Take one away and you can have a different expression. Add one and you have another.
Or as you state: aging factor.
It’s takes a careful and talented eye to nail it.