Friday, January 4, 2008

Batman SNOW 192 page 7

Looking now at Tip 5: Use both photo reference and a mirror. They are different.
For Alfred's pose in the second panel, Seth probably used a photo for reference. But there is no doubt to me that for Batman in the third panel, he used a mirror. The large hand, close to the viewer's point of view, and the expression on the face are undoubtedly Seth's. Besides, that is Seth's hand, large, blunt, with short fingernails. For a man who used his hands as elegantly as he did, Seth did not have long, refined fingers. They looked like Batman's in the drawing, but hairier.

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j_ay said...

Great page. Nice insight, thanks.

And this page looks **really** great without any lettering on it. Nowadays most if not all comic book lettering is down via computer, so when one looks at the original art, there is no lettering. Sometimes it seems almost a disservice to the page but Seth’s work *really* benefits from no lettering.
I was going to comment along these lines with the last few Green Lantern pages that it’s a shame the lettering clogs up the amazing images.

And photo referring is indeed important, but what is running sickly rampart through comics these days is out and out photo TRACING.
Which is appalling.
(To me.)