Saturday, December 29, 2007

Willworld page 11

Here is another great page from Willworld.
We are still on the subject of Tip 11: use the distance between panels to carefully control timing.
And we might add, not just the distance between the panels, but the way they lead into one another, as well as the shape of the panels, and in this case, the substance of the line between the panels.

Seth has made this page into an Old West movie set. The three sets of panels are divided from one another with two rows of barbed wire, and then a row of jagged lines. The barbed wire enhances the theme of standard Western bullying (by bulls, of course) and then the jagged line around the bull who becomes a ballerina (I didn't get all the alliterative puns until I started putting this into words) shows his shock at the change.
The greater part of the page is filled with the dramatic action, and the part that leads from that drama into the next adventure is pushed into the bottom fifth or so of the page, illustrating also Tip 25: Find the center of interest on the page and make sure something interesting is happening there.