Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Big in Japan 2, page 15 pencils

This is the last of the pencil drawings I have scans of. Only three panels, each image taken from the point of view of maximum clarity for the particular part of the action he wanted to show. I particularly like the dents in the buildings, in both today's and yesterday's drawings. He didn't smash the buildings and make total chaos. The chaos is just beginning here, and so things are starting to fall apart, but not in ruins.
Is the whale-type creature with the big tail something of Seth's own invention, or is it a more-or-less well-known monster? He did take great delight in creating monsters.
One more item: the sound effect words. These are all Seth sounds: PKOP! FOOM! YIK!
Each one has its distinctive font, and each one is clearly audible and discernable as to what kind of sound it is.

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j_ay said...

Indeed, I *love* when Seth chose to add his own lettering (not sure how the professional letterers felt about it! (I’d guess they loved it too)) as it was *part* of the artwork –part of the scene really, as if those big bubbled lettered *really* appeared in the air when the monster bellowed or “Yik”ed- and not just some computer generated font laid over it. And of course the sound effects are Pure Seth.
(“Foom” _could_ have been a little ode to the Marvel dragon-type character Fing Fang Foom( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fin_Fang_Foom ) who has been around for some time. Seth and I were in high school around the same time, so if he was reading Walt Simonson’s (now ‘classic’) run on Thor, FFF was in a few issues, and the letterer for that run (John Workman) used lots of big noise effects.

The whale creature, to my knowledge is straight from the brilliant mind of Seth.

The last panel is so fantastic in framing the scene; pan back away from the close-ups and let the monsters be supporting players to the huge territory they are battling in. And yes, the dents are hysterical!