Saturday, December 1, 2007

Big in Japan 2, page 13 pencils

Another pencil drawing for Big in Japan. For some reason the top right and the center images were flipped when the book was published. Evidently the editors for some reason thought the page would work better with those turned around, though comparing this page with the finished product, I am not sure they improved it.
Hands are prominent in this page. In the first panel Ms Fantastic (I am sorry, I don't know her name) is holding up her gloved hand to tell people to stay calm. King Kong in the second panel uses his huge hand to delicately pick her up by her lower legs as a refined lady might pick up a china teacup. The woman in the center panel is resting her hand on the edge of her picture. I recently learned that when a character reaches out of his or her picture to acknowledge the page, there is a term for that; unfortunately I don't remember it. But I suspect that Seth was pleased with the interplay of hands here. Even the octopus in the sign looks a little like a hand.


j_ay said...

It’s interesting to gets some of these editorial-behind-the-scenes insights. I don’t have the books here with me (at work) but, as you suggest, I can’t see how the flipped images work better. If anything I’d have thought a flip of the first panel, so the reader first gets the image and then the word balloon, would have been the edit choice. Strange.

Ms Fantastic = (Mrs) Susan/Sue Richards.

The hand on the panel (brilliant by the way) reference may be called something else, but it could be also called “breaking the fourth wall”. Like when a character in a film talks directly to the camera/viewer.

Amazing page, thanks for sharing!

Vicki said...

Yes, that's it! Breaking the fourth wall. Thanks Jay.

I really appreciate all your comments. It is nice to know that people are looking closely at Seth's work.