Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Devil's Smelly Brother

I have posted all the photos or scans that I have of pages that are at Secret Headquarters.
This is a page from one of the Vertigo Big Book of ---- series. In these the editors invite various artists to each draw a four-page (or so) story that is part of an anthology of stories around a central theme. This is from the Big Book of Grimm (fairy tales).
Seth did stories for several of these books: besides this one, the Big Book of The 70's, and the Big Book of Vice. They gave him a good opportunity to practice setting up scenes and working on timing, perspective, and all the little details that make a story come alive, but since he only has a small part of the book, he can put all his effort into something that doesn't take too long to finish. So it was excellent practice for him at the start of his career.


Gareth said...

This is a great page - I'd love to read the whole story.

j_ay said...

Oh! Something I’ve never seen before. Never even knew about it!
Must – Track – Down.
Guessing by the page number of 157 these were, um, BIG books.

I’ll also update Seth’s Wikpedia page. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to see the most complete bibliography we can put together.

The search begins...

j_ay said...

I just added this to the Wikipedia page:

The Big Book of Vice (DC Comics, 1998)
The Big Book of Grimm (DC Comics, 1999)
The Big Book of 70s (DC Comics, 2000)

For those wanting to track these down, Grimm is apparently out of print, the other 2 are available through Amazon.

Vicki said...

Thank you Jay, for updating Wikipedia. Looking at that site, I see that there are a few other pieces of Seth's published work that are not included: none of the illustrations that he did for the Cicada group of children's and teens' magazines are listed. Nor is the cover for Busted! (Feb 2000), the newsletter for the comic book legal defense fund. There may be a couple more also.

j_ay said...

Overall Seth’s entry could use some cleaning up too (no reason to link ISBN numbers, etc), I’ll get around to that too...but until then I’ve added the Busted! cover (ah! another thing I now have to track down!). The Cicada stuff I’d be happy to add once the specifics are known (the random editors of Wikipedia tend to delete non-specific things, like if I just put “illustrations”)
Feel free to email me (or post here) anything/everything when you have time.

Thanks for posting another Grimm page, great stuff!