Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big in Japan #2 page 2-3

This is the pencil drawing for a two-page splash that comes in the beginning of the second issue of Big in Japan. The particular monster that is central to this image doesn't seem to show up anywhere else. That may have been one of the jokes that Seth included in this series. He also said that he was playing with the relative sizes of the monsters and the buildings. He said that readers in general don't notice if sometimes the monsters are a quarter the size of the buildings and sometimes bigger than the buildings; so he intended to vary the relative dimensions.
This monster, coming at nearly the vanishing point, is very large indeed

Some other small Seth insider things he put into this picture include:

The billboard on the upper right is a picture of a baby, with the kanji for Seth's own son's name, and a little heart.

There is a sign on the top of a building in the left middle of this picture that says セス. That is SeSu, which is how they write Seth in Japanese.

On the lower left there is another billboard; this one says Mister Banana (Seth's favorite fruit).

This drawing does not exist in this form anymore. Seth scanned the pencil drawing and sent it to me in an e-mail, and then inked it. Looking at the corresponding page in the comic book, it seems exactly the same. His pencils were precise and complete.

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j_ay said...

Brilliant. I love to see the process of how the artist goes about getting the specific image down; ruler lines, rough pencils behind the tighter rendering, etc.
I would have bet that Seth’s pencil were very, very tight, because the final image is so, so (so, soooooo) clean, and then his inks are essentially just tracing over his pencils with the occasional decision of line weight. A master at work.
Thanks for the insider tips to the Japanese and banana secrets.

I’ve got a new ‘desktop background’ now.