Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Doctor

Seth did this drawing on commission for Eddie Scrafton, who wrote this on his posting on the Comic Art Fans website:

I decided to get a bit more adventurous with my Authority collection and took the step of setting up my first commissioned piece. I'd really liked the pin-up that Seth Fisher had done in the Absolute Authority collection, so contacted him through his website ( Seth was happy to take on the work and I was really surprised by how smooth the process was.

Seth was friendly and kept in contact all the way through the process, and he was
really fast as well. This image
[the one on the left] is the first prelim work he did, based upon my request for a full figure drawing (pencilled & inked) of the Doctor. I was so happy with what Seth had done that I okayed the commission straight after seeing this initial sketch.

On the right is the finished drawing. Eddie added this comment on his post of that one:
Here is the final version that Seth created based on the previous two prelims. He added in some great little weird beasties at the Doctor's feet and crawling up him which gives a really cool look to the piece.
Seth did a fantastic job on this commission for me and I was blown away by how friendly and easy to deal with he was.

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