Saturday, September 15, 2007

Willworld page 56: Eggmen

Here on this very website, under the heading Artworks, at the bottom of the page where it says SEE THE PROCESS, are the pencil drawing, the ink drawing, and finally, the finished picture of the double page spread that precedes this one in Willworld.

On that page and in this one, our hero is surrounded by the workers in a nightmarish (but funny) factory, little eggmen dressed in samurai garb.

When Seth was growing up, whenever I boiled eggs to eat later, I always drew little faces on them so that there would be some way to tell the cooked ones from the raw ones. The image of little egg faces looking at him out of the refrigerator must have sparked some stories in his fertile imagination, because egg faces and little egg people show up in his art at unpredictable times.

There are a lot of them here on this page, some of whom are, Humpty Dumpty-like, having a great fall. These are clearly not hard boiled.

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