Tuesday, September 4, 2007

a visit to Happydale

When I started tinkering with Seth's website, I found something on it that I had never noticed. That is, the link to Happydale. He evidently put it up after the comic book was published, but before he did any others. It was a time when he was delighted with the idea of website design, and was trying to make his website complex and interactive.

I think it was during that time that his website ("Lllamaland") got a brief write-up on the last page of a computer magazine as the wierdest website of the month. If anyone has a copy of that small article, I would appreciate a photocopy of it. I seem to have lost mine.

The link to Happydale can be found on the bottom of the page titled Seth.

Or you can click on Stretch's face above.

Some of the links from Happydale lead nowhere, but Happydale itself is well worth a visit.

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