Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flash: Time Flies page 21

"Creation to me is the key word in my life. I just like to make things. It doesn't matter what. That is the part of comic art that's the greatest. When I draw a building, I can't just copy someone else's building, I get a chance to design my own building. I get to make fashions and cars and houses and mix styles and colors and ideas and cultures. What a great job I have. I get to be the architect, the fashion designer, the gardener, the interior decorator, the carpenter.... everything, plus I get to draw. That's why comics are great. Even after I have designed all that stuff then I get to roll the camera in my mind and become the director and camera man (and my cameras can go places movies have never gone). What a great job I have. " --Seth Fisher c.1998

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