Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Another slug, this one from about 1997, when Seth was teaching English in Japan. As the head of the English Club, he was in charge of something called CHESS, whose initials stand for (something, something) English Students of Shimane (the prefecture where he lived). It was a kind of camp in which everything was done in English, with all kinds of activities that encouraged the students to use English. In Seth's hands, of course, it was full of activities that made you laugh so much that you lost your shyness. This particular year the theme was animal people.

(The vertical lines in the scan are the result of my using a paper to block other drawings that were drawn on the same board. )

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ian said...

CHESS=Camp for High school English Students of Shimane.
It is the only such prefectural English camp in Japan, and Seth was very passionate about it. His enthusiasm of course was infectious, and his advice was indispensable when it came to planning CHESS 99 and CHESS 2000.

Furthermore, many of the materials he made when working in teaching in Japan are still widely in use today. That Seth never got round to publishing a language textbook is a sad loss to students everywhere.