Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Floweringnose Day 2024


My dear friend Mary Jane said she had some old e-mails that we had exchanged that she wanted to give me.  She brought them today, just in time for me to post here.  They are from 1998, when Seth was working as an English teacher in the Oki Islands, Japan.  In the summer they had an English camp, which was called CHESS (which stands for Camp for Highschool English Students of Shimane (Prefecture)).  Seth designed activities that he knew would be fun, engaging, and help the students both learn English, and use the English they had learned.  

This is a view of what Seth was doing before he became a professional comic book illustrator, as well as a view of what the internet was like in its early days.  His website was on a platform called Geocities, that hosted many different websites.  

His students didn't know how to use internet tools very well, so the first page is full of definitions, the second page introduces the students to different things they can find on the web to help study English.  The third page is the opening to his own delightful website (alas, now no more, though the words--but not images--can be brought up on the Wayback Machine).  
Spend some time looking about in this room.  He has left here little bits of many parts of his life.  The two busts toward the right are of himself and best buddy Langdon.  There seems to be a dead guy over behind some stuff by the bookshelf; he would be the mystery game he designed for his students.  Books.  A lllama.  A cat.  Board games.  What else?

The fourth page is a little intro to his first real comic book, published by DC.  HAPPYDALE: Devils in the Desert.  

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