Monday, January 31, 2022

FloweringNose Day 2022

Yesterday was the anniversary of Seth's death. 

His ideas for comic stories were so--mmm--odd, that I suspect they were close to unsaleable.  But so charming that you want them to get made into books.  

Case in point: 
Doris and Fruit.  Doris is a woman who lives in the house pictured below.  Fruitman (the drawing below that) is her next door neighbor.  I found among Seth's writings a script for the comic book, intended as a 30-page book, in a square format, with four panels per page, much more static than most of the work he did.  But that interested him.  

It's a simple, traditional love story.  Girl and guy start out as adversaries, and then something snaps, and they fall in love.  But: Doris is a regular girl, but living in a house made of  living animals, and Fruit is a guy made of fruits and vegetables.  It looks like Seth tried to sell the story to DC.  I found the letter with the script, but it was not clear who the recipient was. 

If anyone would like to see the script, let me know and I will send it to you.  It's not very long.  There is nobody I know who has the same artistic finesse, plus weird sense of humor, plus sweetness that Seth had, so I suspect the comic book could never be made now.  

But that has to be OK.  We can imagine it.


j_ay said...

Happy Flowering Nose Day, Vicki.

Such a fun concept.

I would love to see the script....

I hope all is well over there.

Vicki said...

OK Jay. I will send you the script with pleasure. These are the only pictures he actually did for it, thought I suspect he had a lot of things in his mind.

All is well here. I hope winter is fading there! And that you are thriving.