Tuesday, February 24, 2009

circa 1997

I always liked this drawing. Seth put it on his early Lllama Land website somewhere, and I remember I printed it out with a dot matrix printer, which was bad, but better than nothing.
He loved design and structure in his artwork, the row of suits on one side and shirts on the other side acting almost like border designs, plus the louvers on the folded doors as a counterpoint to the rows of clothing. All the little doodads on the overhead shelves must have delighted him. Let's see, there are a pair of cat slippers, a telescope, some used candles, a bowling pin, a toy duck (always), a real lizard (always), a back scratcher, a box with gloves and maybe some other magician's equipment, an eight-ball, shoes, and a whimsical assortment of other useful and useless things.


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a said...

Vicki, I'm pretty sure this page is actually part of a story. He did a whole story, without words, of full page pictures that could also stand alone. I don't remember the whole premise (and am not sure it was ever finished) but I think this page was supposed to show the affluence of this character. There was something about a poor couple and a rich couple and an affair between them, a motorcycle accident... I guess he reused some of the pieces in other places when this story didn't generate much interest.


Vicki said...

Ah, yes, the other pieces I recognized as part of a story, the wealthy couple, the affair and all. I didn't realize this was part of that set. Thanks April.
Maybe I should post the others.