Friday, October 10, 2008

Tangibles and Intangibles: Willworld pages 61-62

The metaphysical conjurings continue in these pages (as they do in the whole of Willworld) where Hal is on a quest for he doesn't know quite what, armed with powers that he can't explain. But as he is courageous enough to face his fears, things become clearer to him little by little.
In the page where he was being pulled down into the depths by tentacles, surrounded by evil-looking faces, he had two choices, but he was not sure how they would play out. He could submit to the voices and they would let go (or would they?). Or he could resist them and find the unknown: death, insanity, or freedom? He seems to have chosen resistance, and on the page on the left, the voices continue to taunt him, saying that the great darkness will consume him, while at the same time, Seth shows him to be leaping out, carried by the ring he wears.
The page on the right is the next one in the series. He is thrust up out of the water in a great wave that brings up with it many realistic fish. I suspect these are real fish of some sort; Seth owned two large reference books on fish, was an expert spearfisher, and knew his fishes.
But not content with making Hal just leap up, Seth has him somersault out of the water. The force of the ring may have brought him up, but his landing is on his own terms.
More tangibles: the moon in the background is very close and covered with craters. Also he didn't forget the desert scenery: one lone saguaro cactus and a few Arizona/New Mexico type of landforms. The water leaping up is so watery that it made me think of the liquid sculpture photos that you can see here, though I think there are some others that are more watery-looking and not quite so architectural.


samuel rules said...

The first image is one of my all time favorites. Thank you for continuing this.

Vicki said...

I am very glad to post these pages for people who love to see them.

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Thanks very much for your encouragement. Seth's work deserves careful attention.

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